Wedding Packages


What is the difference between event planning and event consultancy?

Well, the trick is in the word- consult. I don't do it for you, I help you do it for yourself.

Depending on how much you need me, I offer support and help from the absolute beginning with setting up budgets and putting together a timeline, through to helping you understand vendor contracts and meeting delivery deadlines. For those who need me on the day, I consult with your vendors to ensure everyone understands the run of the day, and ticking off each step as it goes by.



The first level option, 'Answer Questions' does just that. If you are feeling pretty in control of your wedding, but just need some answers to those questions you're not too sure of, if you need some assistance reading through vendor contracts to make sure you've got your bases covered, or if you just need advice on styling or picking colours, this package is conducted via phone/email only, and is based on an hourly rate, so you can choose how much time you need!


This second level option, 'Hold My Hand' is for the couples who have a fair idea of what's going on, but want to have another voice on board, to meet with vendors, come up with or research new ideas, or to help sort through the masses of info that's out there! This package is via phone/email and in person, and provides assistance up to, but not including, the wedding day itself.


My third level option, 'Be The Expert' is for the bride and groom who need all the help they can get (or for those who like a surprise or two!). With this package, assistance is provided from the beginning, setting up budgets and to-do lists, choosing vendors, organising appointments, and liasing with vendors for a smooth-running wedding day. This package is via phone/email and in person. Option for on-the-day assistance available as well (optional).


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If you've got it covered, and want to do it yourself, I have put together a DIY pack, which provides you with the basic groundwork

for setting a wedding budget, to-do lists for all people involved, and prepping a run sheet, so that you can do the rest yourself!

Purchase my downloadable templates, with all documents and instructions provided, via the Store.

*Requires Excel, Powerpoint, and a PDF reader to access files.