The Mama Card

This parenting gig is f*cking hard, mama.

After reading the (life-changing and mama-affirming) book ‘The Motherhood’, and then seeing a new mum in a shopping centre, and realising after I’d already walked past her that I hadn’t said anything to her, I knew it was important to share the mama-love in a more tangible way.

Enter the Mama Card.

This card is for you, for your mama friends, and for the mama you see on the street, in the shops, with a freshie, or with kids already on the move, to tell them that they are doing an abso-friggen-lutely AH-mazing job, and they are not alone.

You can download and print the Mama Card for free, or you can purchase our pretty pre-printed cards (just the cost of printing and postage!). Keep one, pass the others on, share the love.