Basic Essentials Kit

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IMG_1550 - Copy.JPG

Basic Essentials Kit


All the tools you need for ganaching and covering your cakes in fondant. These are the tools I use for my cakes, and the tools I teach my students with. Combined with my DIY tutorials, you can achieve a smoother, sharper finish on your fondant cakes.

Kit contains:

Rolling pin
Serated cake knife
Rubber spatula
Angled spatula
Acrylic ganache/buttercream scraper
Plastic smoother
Acetate smoother
Foam lifter
Sharp-point scissors
Cornflour duster
Acupuncture needle
Sugar glue*
Rose spirit*
Eye dropper
Paint palette
Exacto knife
Watercolour sponge*
7 assorted paint brushes

*Some items are simply examples of what I use, they will require replacing as they are used up! But they show you just what I use for my cakes!

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