Alexis Teasdale : Managing Editor of Cosmo Bride


Alexis Teasdale: Managing Editor of Cosmo Bride

Alexis Teasdale is bright, bubbly, kind, and a highly passionate creative. From her editorial work through to her creative side-business, she embraces the joy of being alive, and her energy is invigorating. She leads a female-strong team and gives readers an opportunity to celebrate their most special moments through advice, inspiration, content, and a place to share their stories. Our own wedding experience with the Cosmo Bride team was a joy, and having Alexis join me for High Tea was nothing short of delightful.

In your own words, what is it that you do?

“I have a few different hats. Hat number 1 is that I’m the beauty and lifestyle director for Cosmopolitan (monthly magazine). In that role, I go to a lot of events, and I write the beauty and lifestyle content for Cosmo along with the beauty and lifestyle editor. It involves looking at a lot of beauty products and homewares, and coming up with DIY projects, that sort of thing. The other element of my role is managing editor of Cosmo Bride (quarterly magazine). And even though it comes out quarterly, I’m working on it all the time, in between issues I’m constantly working on stories, interviewing people, checking out new bridal trends. When it’s go time, we have a freelance art director and sub (editor) who come in (to help pull it together), but I feel like I’m constantly working on Bride all year round.”


Quick 5!

Biggest pet peeve?

People that don’t wave when you let them in on the road. I want to bring back the road wave! I wave at everyone- sometimes I even wind down my window and get my arm right out if I think they’re not going to see! I will continue to wave until the end of my days.”

Dogs or cats?


Star sign?


Someone you'd like to have dinner with (dead or alive)?

“So many! Dolly Parton, Drew Barrymore, Barack Obama, that’s just a couple!"

Ultimate sin food?

"Pepperoni pizza- just pepperoni and cheese. It’s so comforting to me!"


The nitty gritty.

What motivates you to keep going every day??

“I think what I find really motivating is the pace of my work- it’s different every day. I think I would find it quite hard if I had a very repetitive job, but the fact that it’s very varied makes it so much fun. I’ll check my diary in the morning to see what I have on that day, what do I need to get done, and it’s always something different. The other thing (that motivates me) is that it’s dealing with people. My role is very much about going out and meeting with people, interviewing people, styling people, and helping people- both with the Bride aspect and the beauty aspect. (In my role producing beauty content) I just want to be as helpful as possible, editing down the market (to give the best advice). I really think that the kind of beauty we talk about is making you feel good about yourself, so I focus on that. With Bride, it is a real joy to work on that, because everyone we deal with is so happy! And if you’re feeling a bit flat, or busy, all we have to do is start going through the Cosmo Bride inbox and we get so many wedding submissions, we get to look at people’s wedding photos, and it’s a real honour that people entrust us, and want their wedding to be in our magazine.

Do you have a role model?

I’m so lucky because I get to meet so many experts, and I’m constantly getting amazing advice, which I can then pass on to our readers, but it services me as well! So really, there’s (so many) role models, too many to name. But I think now more than ever, women are empowering themselves and each other, and that’s a really wonderful thing for the industry I work in, which is predominantly women.”

How do you either separate or combine your working and personal life, and how does it work for you?

They do cross over a bit, and I think in my kind of job that’s just natural. I work with a group of women- and some men- whom I’ve known for a long time, and because of that, we know each other’s families, and so there’s always an element of family being talked about. We have such a friendly, fun work environment, I often find myself telling stories about the kids, so I always feel there is a crossover there. Plus, I do a lot of the social media for Cosmo Bride, and I do that at night, on my phone when the kids are in bed, and I write a lot of my stories at night on my laptop, so that I don’t feel the pressure of having to get everything done between 9 and 5:30. And that’s just what works best for me- although I think that a lot of working mums would be in the same position!”

What are the qualities you feel are needed, being a leader? Or, what have you learnt being a leader?

I’ve been so lucky, I’ve had incredible role models in terms of leadership. I’ve worked in a number of different magazines, under different editors every time, each with their own skill sets, so I’ve got to see how different people lead. I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt from them is knowing your team’s skill sets. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses, working on the weaknesses, and really playing on the strengths. I think if you’ve got a team of really talented creatives, make sure you’re giving them the jobs they’re really good at- you’ll get amazing work out of them! Plus, if you nourish what people are good at, they’re going to want to do more of that.”

What did you have to do to get here (study/training)?

"I’m from Adelaide, and I was doing my Bachelor of Media at Adelaide Uni, and my Dad was in my ear about ‘what are you going to do with the rest of your life’, and I just plucked out of the clear blue sky that I was going to work in magazines! I just said it, and then thought, oh, that actually is a good idea! How do I go about doing that? So I emailed a few magazines for work experience, and I got onto the Cosmo website and sent an email to their generic email address and said ‘Hi, I’m from Adelaide, I’m doing my Bachelor of Media, would love to do work experience’ and the girl who received that email was on the front desk, she was also from Adelaide! She wrote back straight away and said they’d love to have me for next placement, and locked me in! So I packed my bags and went off to Sydney, and did my week’s work experience. I transcribed an interview with Christina Aguilera- and I thought, omg, this is the most exciting thing ever!. I did a LOT of photocopying, a lot of menial tasks, the coffee run every morning- which they don’t really do anymore (work experience students) but for me it was brilliant, because I got to go to every person’s desk, and learn about who they were. And it was just the best week. I then did a second week, and it was during that time they launched ‘Cosmo Extensions’, as it was called- I think they had just done one issue of Cosmo Bride, and they needed a front desk girl. My Mum had told me to take my resume with me just in case- although I had told her that’s not how it works! Plus it only had Boost Juice and IGA on it (laughs)- but they mentioned the role, and I pulled my resume out of my bag, and ended up getting the job! My parents were so supportive- my Dad flew up to help me find somewhere to live, I finished my Bachelor of Media externally from Sydney, and the rest is history!"

What’s next for you?

I feel busier than ever! I don’t know if that’s because I’ve now got two kids at home, or just because work is busy, but Cosmo Bride is kicking goals, and it’s still so much fun- we’ve got so many exciting things planned for that, so it’s keeping me busy. Cosmo (monthly mag) has had a lot of exciting changes in terms of design and content, so that’s keeping me busy there too. And I also have a side business that I do, called The Festive Co. and that’s event styling, which I’ve done for years and years! I wish I could spend more time on that, although it’s a little hard when you work full time! But I’ve done quite a few baby showers and hens days lately, which I love, because they’re about making people happy! I think as the kids get bigger, I’ll be able to do more fun things there, but for now, certainly, the Cosmo duo are keeping me quite busy!”


Alexis and I had a traditional high tea at The Tearoom, QVB.

Alexis' tea of choice: 'Vanilla'

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