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What's in a name?

I've always been fascinated by names. I struggled with accepting mine for most of my childhood and teenage years- it took me a long time to recognise the beauty in a less-than-common name, and especially a name with such an integral meaning for my life. Felicity is Latin for 'happiness', and I've long known that I was given that name for a reason. I live for happiness, for myself, my loved ones, and everyone I meet. It is the basis of my business, it is the basis even of this blog, to share what makes life happy, and worth being a part of.

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of babies, and wondered what I would call them. I've gone through phases with different favourite names, pored through baby name books and websites, paid close attention when meeting new people, to see if they have names that grab my attention. I've kept lists of favourites over the years, practiced writing them, even practiced yelling them, in anticipation of one day having to tell off my unruly children (ha!). And I even think perhaps the opportunity to name a baby was potentially more exciting than the baby itself!

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