Leaping leaps


Oh good Lord, the dreaded development leaps. Those necessary evils that help our babies become thinking, feeling, doing machines. If you have little ones, and you don’t already have the Wonder Weeks app, download it now- it will make soooo much sense!*

So we are currently one week into leap 4, which, for those who have been through it before, know it is a longggggg one, almost 5 weeks! As with the first three, Tilly hit that fussy bit bang on time- she goes from being part-time Velcro to full-time Velcro and loud to boot. My eardrums don’t know what’s hit them. But this one is so much longer than the first three, so I’m discovering a whole new level of challenge as she goes through it, and it’s throwing me for six. The worst being, my fabulous night-sleeper seems to have taken a hike! Noooo!  We’re back to at least two wakes a night, plus stirring/awake anywhere from 4am onwards every morning, and my eyeballs are so heavy with tiredness it’s a wonder I can see what I’m typing. 

It’s ironic, how you have to go backwards to go forwards. These development leaps are crucial to their ability to live and function as a human being, and yet, whilst they go through them, it seems as though they slide backwards instead. As adults, we are so far away from when that happened for us, that the things they are learning for the first time we now take for granted, and it can be almost impossible to comprehend how massive such developments can be. All we see is a cranky, clingy baby who suddenly seems to be living in a stormy cloud, pushing our patience levels to the limit. 

Of course, like all things, I’m sure there are some babies out there who sail through their leaps like it’s no one's business, and all I can say is, bugger off. My kid tells me alllll about it. I’m so excited for what’s on the other side of each leap though. Watching her discover her body, her laugh, her world, is such an exciting thing. Knowing that through each leap, she becomes capable of doing another thing that she couldn’t do before, and feeling excited for her that she can experience more, is a wonderful feeling.  

I guess the real question is, which is the lesser of two evils- a baby who turns into the devil during leap time, or a baby who can never experience anymore than a newborn level and relies on you until the day you die? Painful as they may be, I’ll choose the leaping devil child. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that at the end of this one, she’ll discover her feet, and I can laugh at her wedging her toes into her mouth along with her fingers! 

*Not sponsored, just a grateful parent who appreciates knowing when and why the storm clouds visit my baby every few weeks!