Feeling female

The mum bun. A staple in every mother’s daily life. Add to that greasy hair, the same clothes every day (or pjs day and night), neglected nail polish and probably hair in places that you just can’t be arsed getting rid of. I’m pretty sure every single mum is nodding in understanding right now. It’s like a signature look.

But some days, I look in the mirror and think, who the hell is that? And I realise how much of a difference it makes when I make an effort to look after myself. When I take the time- and the right- to feel female.

Because even though we are mums, we are also women, and we are 100% allowed to still look and feel that way. Even if you don’t leave the house, you are allowed to look and feel like you. It helps you to connect to who you are, gives you confidence for your day, and teaches your children that it is important to also care about yourself. 

For me, it’s my hair. Whenever I find myself looking in the mirror thinking ‘what the hell is that’, it’s usually because my hair is dirty, or in need of a refresh. If I wash it and dry it, it can often change my mood completely- it amazes me! And even staying on top of colour/cut is important too. I don’t really ever have time to just pop off to the hairdresser, but since Tilly has been here, I’ve made the effort to get there twice, and I’ve left feeling like Felicity again. 

It can be hard to fully feel female, especially, if like me, you are breastfeeding the world’s spewiest baby (not a word, I know, but she totally is) and you wouldn’t dare wear your nice clothes for fear of them being turned into vomit rags, but sometimes just the act of changing from pjs to clothes can give you a sense of normality- fitting back into those jeans you love, wearing a summery dress, putting on those nice knickers, or perhaps a bit of jewelry (being mindful of grabby hands, of course!). 

We are mothers. It is our biggest role, and our most important. But we are also wives/girlfriends/lovers/friends/workers/creators/athletes/cooks. We are female, and whether we birth boys or girls, we also need to teach our children that female is fabulous, and that starts with allowing ourselves to continue to be US- even if that jammy toast ends up stuck to your clean shirt two minutes after you put it on. At least you looked in the mirror and saw you, and were happy to be you.