A Christmas letter


Christmas Eve. A day suspended in magical anticipation of the following dawn. Tilly’s first taste of the joy of Christmas is about to be upon us, and before we find ourselves swept up in the merriment, I penned her a little letter, with my dreams for how Christmas will become a part of her childhood memory.

Merry Christmas xx


“My little strawberry girl,

Tomorrow will be your very first Christmas. It’s a day you won’t remember, but it is so special to me, because I remember how magical Christmas was to me when I was younger, and my wish for you is that you will cherish your memories of Christmas in years to come too.

The true meaning of Christmas is often lost- a holiday celebrated by those who follow the Christian faith, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ- instead focusing on the getting of presents, and Santa, and the importance of being ‘good’. But I hope to help you find a balance between the two, because I truly believe that is where the real magic of Christmas lies.

My love, I hope you will grow to know, that Christmas is a time for love, family, and gifts- but the gift of giving. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than seeing the joy and appreciation of gifting to someone I love- including you- and I hope you will discover the joy of this too.

It is a time for celebrating the coming together of family, sharing wonderful food, laughing and playing and singing, for welcoming those around you into your world, and for letting people know that you care, and that they matter.

But the greatest part of Christmas is the feeling of magic in the air. The traditions, the carols, even the excitement of getting the tree and decorations out of storage on the 1st of December. The Christmases of my childhood will forever linger in my memory. I hope to gift you the same magical legacy of Christmas for you.

Tonight you sleep, dreaming baby dreams, blissfully safe in slumber. Tomorrow will be a big day- it may overwhelm you, it may excite you. For so long I dreamed of the day I could gift the love of Christmas I have onto my own child, and here it is. How my heart is full.

Sweet dreams, my strawberry girl. We read our first Christmas Eve story tonight (you tried to eat the book). Tomorrow is Christmas, tomorrow your magical memories begin.

Mummy xx”