informal yet inspiring business chats for creatives 

For those running a small creative business, who are feeling stuck, and need to chat with someone who has been there, done it before, and can help find solutions to some of those niggling business problems.

I offer my experience and understanding of building a successful small creative business, to help you find clarity, and inspire you to move forward and succeed in your own business.

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We can chat about anything you need, but some topics I can assist with are:

Getting started
Building social media
Streamlining websites
Defining branding
Time management
Customer issues

Chats are one-on-one, either in person or via online chat (eg Skype).


1-hour chat (one-off)
$150* for the hour, plus 1 follow-up email with suggestions/instructions

3-hour set (1 per week)
$360*, plus 3 follow-up emails with suggestions/instructions

6-hour set (1 per week)
$600*, plus 6 follow-up emails with suggestions/instructions

*GST charges apply for AUS residents



An outside perspective.


Experienced suggestions.


An ear to listen.





Need an experienced, outside opinion?

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