Perfecting your cake designs - DOWNLOAD

This one goes out to my fellow cakies!

Let's face it, not all of us are the best artists when it comes to drawing. We may be able to make magic happen with our hands with everything else cake-related, but sometimes getting those ideas out of our heads and onto paper can be a bit of a struggle. 

And especially if you're trying to portray a design idea to a client, it's important to get that look right, so they know what you're talking about, and say yes! 

Now, not all of us are graphic design whizzes either- the thought of having to purchase or download some elaborate design program and then learn it, just to get out some design ideas (not to mention working out how to get that intricate pattern via a computer program toolbox, yikes). So I decided I'd create something a little easier for you (and easier for me too, come to think of it).

I've been meaning to do it for ages and ages, and finally got around to it- I've sketched up some blank cake configurations for you to use. They're quite simple, and they can be drawn on, or traced, added to, or altered as needed. But the base work is there for you- so you can whip out your pencils and markers and have a bit of fun. 

There are four basic configurations for you- one tier, two tiers, three tiers, and four tiers. There's a 2-dimensional and a 3-dimensional aspect for each of them, and they're set on a cake stand for you as well (or you can simply omit the stand leg if you don't need it!).

You can download the templates HERE (ROUND) and HERE (SQUARE), and enjoy being creative on them! I hope they make your cake designs a whole lot more fun.