Engagement shoots- yay or nay?

When husband and I got engaged, and began the search for our wedding photographer, I knew I was looking for someone who would also offer the opportunity for an engagement shoot. For me, it was not only an opportunity to celebrate our engagement, but I (finally) got some truly good shots of the two of us (selfies don’t cut it sometimes).

But I realised that it wasn’t something that everybody does when they get engaged, and that many people probably question as to whether or not they need to do it, so here is a little pro and con list to help you decide if an engagement shoot is something you should add to your marriage journey.


  • Gives you a chance to develop a relationship with your photographer before the wedding day

  • Gives you a chance to see how you and your partner photograph together, and find some preferred poses and looks

  • Also gives you a chance to work out what you DON’T like in the style of photos (a good photographer will take a few different styles during your e-shoot, so you can get an idea of how you want the Big Day captured)

  • Gives you a chance to focus on each other, and celebrate this special moment with photographs you can cherish for a long time


  • Unless included in your photographer’s wedding package, it can simply add another expense to your wedding budget

  • If you have plans on losing weight/getting fit in time for your wedding day, you may feel unnecessary pressure on yourself at a pre-shoot

  • Depending on where your photographer is located, it may require traveling to meet them or to find a suitable location

Whether you opt for an engagement shoot or not, choosing a photographer who you both feel comfortable with, and who understands your vision for your wedding day is the most important thing to consider. The capturing of your day is what will provide your memories once the day has passed.

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