5 tips for creating a memorable and timeless wedding

I may be sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for a certain little miss to present herself earthside (but she's also quite happy wiggling about in my belly, so who knows when she'll get bored of it!), but there's also a wedding looming in our world this year, as my brother prepares to marry his beautiful fiance before we say goodbye to 2018. And it got me to thinking about weddings again, especially as I have been able to provide a little insight from my own to the betrothed couple.

There are a lot of articles out there about creating a unique and special day, looking at current trends and all the latest and greatest ideas. But when you put those things aside, ultimately you are wanting to create a day that will be remembered for years to come.

Make it about YOU.

There are so many ideas, inspirations, suggestions out there when it comes to weddings- I mean, hello, have you seen Pinterest? It can look like fun to try each and every idea you see, but if it’s not something that actually means something to you, it won’t go down so well. Choose traditions, trends, and items that actually say something about you and your fiancé- if you love candid photos, go with disposable cameras on the tables, or if one of you loves to sing, prepare a song for your newly betrothed. Don’t pick something just because it’s the ‘thing’ to do. If you’re terrified of birds, stay away from a dove release.

Match your surroundings.

Not only will it make your day memorable, but by styling based on your surroundings, you may even save some money! If you’re opting for a venue that boasts floor-to-ceiling glass, marble features, and white walls, style your day to match- don’t put in burlap and hay bundles and try to force it to be vintage- go with clean lines and architectural style decor. If you’re in a native bush venue, opt for more natural colours, native florals, or an outdoor reception. By tying your wedding into your surroundings, your wedding will just ‘fit’.

Think about who your guests are.

As much as the day is about the two of you, when it comes to making it a memorable experience for your guests, think about who they are! If you have a lot of older relatives coming, perhaps a nightclub-style experience won’t be received too well. If your friends are foodies and love the opportunity to try new things, opt for the more unusual menu choices, or a caterer who combines multiple cuisines. Considering the type of people they are, and accommodating for them, will mean they leave your wedding knowing it was one of the best.

Stay within the box.

Okay, so this one clearly goes against everything you’ll hear! But what this means is, don’t force it to be more than what it needs to be. If you’re wanting to create a timeless day, keeping the various elements of your day meaningful and purposeful will be more effective than trying to ‘outdo’ everyone else. If you’ve got a beautiful sunset view, you don’t need an elaborate light show to make a mark. If you’re doing a sit-down dinner, consider what is going to be on those tables (glasses, cutlery, crockery, wine bottles, place cards, bombonnieres, the list goes on), and choose centrepieces that will compliment and finish off the table, without taking over. The most memorable weddings are not necessarily the weddings with the most ‘stuff’, but the ones that feel right, and flow right.

Work with what you’ve got.

This goes from what you wear, to the venue, to the people you hire. Choose a dress that compliments what you’ve got. Don’t try to force yourself into a style that doesn’t suit you, or worse, feels unnatural to you. If your venue has exposed beams, opt for strung fairy lights or drapery, or if the dance floor is right in the centre, go with a floral feature wrapped around it. The effect will be even more impressive when you highlight what’s already there. And with people- if you know a fabulous florist, or your uncle drives a classic car, ask them if they’d do your wedding for you- there will be not only a meaningful touch to it, but they will know who you are, and help you make the right choices to fit YOU.

At the end of the day, all things considered, only one of the above points really and truly matters the most for a memorable wedding- and that is making it about you. You and your new spouse are the ones who should remember that day for years to come, and you want it to live on in your future as the start of your new life, so let it be for the two of you.

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