2018 : the year of GRATITUDE

Already, as I write this, we are a whole week into the new year. It doesn't matter how many times new years sneak up on us, it is still a time of wonder, amazement, and sometimes, a few swear words as we realise yet another year has packed up and left us.

A couple of years ago, #thelove and I decided to ditch the age-old 'New Year's Resolutions' in favour of what has become a much more meaningful, and attainable practice. We chose a word for our year. Almost like a theme, I guess. It is something to focus on, to work towards, to apply to all aspects of life- family, work, relationships, health, spirit. Not only does setting a word or a theme for your year set the tone for how you approach life, it gives you a marker for whether or not you are doing what is right for you.

Last year, my word was EVOLVE. As we reached the end of 2017, #thelove asked me if I felt I had achieved my word. And I had a think about it, and came to the conclusion that I had begun it. The concept of EVOLVE for me was to embrace the unknown, take what I already had, and strike out in search of making a change, making more, growing and building on what I had started. And overall, I'd say I achieved that. Did I see the physical results I had expected at the beginning of 2017? Not exactly, but what I did see, was the budding fruits of everything I had laid down over the course of the year, preparing to grow. And in that sense, yes, I did achieve my EVOLVE.

So this year, for 2018, my word is GRATITUDE. Now, that might not seem like an overly energetic word. But for me personally, there is a lot in it. This year, we will welcome our first child. Business will be on hold for a time, but also at the same time, will be continuing to evolve into a more online, educational world. I'm set to see changes in my personal life like I've never imagined, and for someone who at times forgets to recognise the amazing things in front of her, GRATITUDE is my chance to slow down, open my eyes, and approach everything- and I mean, everything- with recognition, acceptance, and gratitude.

It's something I'd love for you to think about. People often try to set resolutions as the new year arrives- whether it be to drink less, exercise more, stay away from unhealthy relationships etc, all of which are great to strive towards, but are more often than not, too easily broken. And that can get you down. But if you were to set a word, a theme, a tone for your year, you may find it easier to follow. Approach every aspect of your life asking yourself only one question- does this fit with my theme this year? There's only a yes or no answer there, but it gives you breathing space for when you make mistakes (which we all do), and allows you to reevaluate throughout the year. For me, the biggest thing will be if I'm huffing and puffing and mouthing off about life being tough, or someone being a pain in the backside, the question will be- is this you living in GRATITUDE? If that doesn't pull me up short, nothing will ;)

I'd love to know what your word is this year. I'd love to share in helping you stick to it, too, so feel free to get in touch, and we can make 2018 a theme to live by.

Life, ALLFelicity Cook