Love Shouldn't Hurt : Two Good x American Express

When I was approached by Two Good to face their campaign with American Express and Deliveroo, to highlight the incredible work that they do to provide meals to people in domestic violence shelters, I didn’t hesitate. Too many who experience domestic violence in their lives are robbed of the opportunity to speak, and, being in a position to do so on their behalf, is something I will always agree to.

American Express, with the help of Deliveroo, are committing 20,000 meals to help those in shelters across Sydney. To highlight this further, my face- and my story- have provided the inspiration for a mural in Sydney city. Made up of 20,000 jar lids, artist Noula Diamantopoulos and her incredible team have put together a mosaic-style mural that spans an impressive 60 square metres on a building side on George St.

For me, sharing my story, giving a voice to those who cannot speak, and continuing to shine a spotlight on the devastating effects that domestic violence has even after leaving a violent situation in this way has been quite powerful. I’m not the stereotype of a domestic violence survivor- young, not-unattractive, educated. But that’s the whole point. Domestic violence can- and DOES- affect people of all ages, races, and creeds. It does not discriminate.

You can be a part of this incredible campaign. Buy a meal through Two Good Co, and a meal will be donated on your behalf. And you can see the mural down on George St for the month of October.

Impact, ALLFelicity Cook