Cake Trends : painted cakes

I don’t remember exactly when someone first suggested the idea of painting on a cake to me, but I do remember my reaction- it was HELLLLLL NO. The potential for making a HUGE eff up was too much for my OCD to handle, so I avoided it for a very very long time. Until one day, with some spare time and a spare dummy cake lying around, I decided to give it a try- and discovered one of the more satisfying ways to decorate a cake.

I think the beauty of a painted cake lies in the opportunity. It’s quite literally a blank canvas for an artist to work on. And so the only limitation (beside the size of the cake) is your imagination. I’ve seen some cake designers create incredibly intricate life-like images of florals, or some who delve into the bright and bold abstract, but each and every one is unique.

There are two methods you can use to paint on a cake- freehand, or by tracing. Freehand is fairly self-explanatory, you take your chosen paints, and you let your hands do the talking. Tracing an image (or words) is great for those who are either not as confident about doing it without a guide, or are looking to ensure a proper replication of an image (particularly for character work etc).

And there are a number of paint products you can choose to use as well. Gel colours, petal dusts, or Edible Paint are all perfectly viable options for painting on a cake. Both gel colours and petal dusts require the assistance of rose spirit (or clear alcohol) to make them paint-worthy, but edible paint can be used straight from the bottle (or can be diluted with rose spirit also, to get a watercolour effect!). I’ve used all three methods, although I’m partial to the Edible Paints by Sweet Sticks because they have been specially designed for this purpose!

But probably my greatest tip for painting on a cake is to do with getting it off. If you make a mistake, or have trace lines left over (on fondant, of course!), baby wipes are the magic trick! They are a fondant-cake-maker’s best friend.

Creativity, ALLFelicity Cook