Women's Rights ARE Human Rights

My heart breaks to see what has happened in Alabama today. Whether you agree with abortion or not, what has happened for women who find themselves pregnant through rape or incest especially, is that their right to justice, to healing, and to reclaiming their bodies is no longer their right. Reproductive coercion is also a very real and permanent element of domestic violence, and this decision tears down any progress that has been made in changing the scourge that is violence against women.

Pro-choice is not about using abortion as a contraceptive method. Pro-choice is about recognizing that the long-term repercussions of certain situations can have devastating results for the women who find themselves in this arena. Not to mention the potential repercussions for any child born into these situations as well. Every child deserves a happy, healthy, loving environment to be born and raised into. Not every child born has that opportunity, especially when violence is what brought them here to begin with.

And for every man who thinks he has some sort of ground to stand on to speak out against a woman’s right to what happens with her body, I’m sorry, but you don’t. You don’t know what carrying a baby does to a woman- physically, emotionally, mentally, even financially (taking time off work etc). You don’t have a uterus, you don’t have an opinion. You will never know what it is to find yourself in that position.

Focus on changing the landscape of violence against women, and in that you will find the need for this service to be reduced.

EDIT: It’s occurred to me what’s missing in this debate, and that’s the responsibility of the men who make these women pregnant. Just because a woman has the ability to become pregnant, doesn’t make her the sole keeper of responsibility for the action. It takes two people to create a pregnancy, so where are the ‘laws’ for the men who are the other halves of this equation?

Perhaps if those equally responsible for the pregnancy and subsequent abortions were faced with the same penalties, there’d be a different outcome for this fight.

#womenofalabama I stand beside you.

Impact, ALLFelicity Cook