Redefining what creativity means

Since having a baby, I think my biggest struggle in working out who I now am has been clarifying what my creative outlet wants to be. The combination of tiredness, lack of spare time, and the shift in comprehension of my identity means the attempts (both successful and unsuccessful) from before having a baby no longer really seem to hold any weight with me- or at least not in the way they used to. So I still love the things I did before- cakes, paper crafts, calligraphy etc. but now I’m trying to decipher, are they really where I want to focus the little time I have leftover in my days? 

And it’s only dawned on me post-baby, just how many businesses and new ventures are actually started by mums- and how many of them have done so in a complete shift from what they were doing before having children! And more often than not, their ventures are about filling a void they found when they began their own parenting journey.  It seems I’m not the only one who found themselves wondering ‘where to next?’.

My creativity has always been my emotional outlet, where my brain can process through anything and everything that’s going on. It’s also how I found myself again after coming out of an abusive relationship. It gave me purpose again, gave me permission to be myself, and ultimately, it’s where I found my calling. But I realise now it was also always a little bit selfish. I would steer towards ‘creativity for creativity’s sake’ a little more often than I can now, and while I would never shun the opportunity to create just for the sake of creating, being on a time limit these days as a mum to a busy little girl, I see the importance of creativity also being used for a purpose.

So what does that mean? In complete and naked honesty, I haven’t got an effing clue. I feel a little behind the fashion, as I’ve watched the cake design industry grow and evolve as I’ve spent the past year prepping for and then having and raising baby. I feel a little bit like the old man on the porch who yells at the kids to turn that infernal racket down, as I don’t ‘get’ what’s cool anymore. But I also feel a great pull in my heart to do something that is going to have a long-term impact on the lives of other people, not just mine anymore. So perhaps I’ll find a way to combine the two?

Creativity for social change? Could be a thing. Let’s see.