Living in the Moment

I have a perpetual game of 'punch buggy' going on with my husband (for those who don't know what 'punch buggy' is, it's a car game where when you see a VW Beetle, you punch the other person and call 'punch buggy!' before they do). And it's safe to say, he kinda hates me for it- because the score is about a billion to one in my favour.

But he said something to me about it the other day, and I haven't been able to get it out of my head. He never thinks of the game until I've already beaten him to the punch, and he told me I must live in the moment, because I seem to always remember to play.

And it made me wonder if it was indeed true- do I live in the moment, without even realising I am?

Since my teenage years, I've noted my ability to switch emotions on and off. This has a positive and a negative effect, depending on the situation- sometimes I struggle to be serious when needed! I have the ability to go from one state of mind to another almost instantly- I can be in tears one moment, and ready to jump around and have a laugh the next. I always thought perhaps I was disconnected, but it seems more and more that perhaps I just have unknowingly discovered the ability to live in the moment.

When I'm sad, I'm devastated. When I'm happy, I'm ecstatic. I feel emotions and moments as they happen, and embrace them in whatever form they come in (even when I don't like the uncomfortable ones, I still feel them for what they are). I then let them go and embrace the next one.

I can't always remember why I walked into a room, or how I managed to cut myself with a knife yet again (as my dearest girlfriend pointed out, for someone with such steady hands, I'm incredibly clumsy), but the explanation I've always given for my uncanny knack of walking into door frames ever since I could walk seems to make more sense these days. I see the moment on the other side, not the one I'm leaving. 

Living in the moment doesn't mean neglecting responsibilities, or pretending 'real life' isn't there. It doesn't mean dropping everything and running off to a remote country, or making choices that aren't beneficial in the long run. It means embracing what's happening in the here and now. It means looking at each moment, and LIVING it. Literally.

The other day I was at my computer, and #thelove came in to get a piece of paper out of the printer. I asked him what he needed it for, if he was going to make a paper aeroplane (which of course he wasn't), but the moment presented itself, and I jumped at it. We made paper aeroplanes, and had a competition in the hallway of our building. Yes, we're both over 30, yes, we're both responsible, working adults. But it was life, and it was fun. 

So I guess my thoughts are just this- living in the moment is actually quite simple. If you're reading this, stop for a moment, look around you at the people (or animals) in your surrounds, and find a space for you to LIVE. It might give you a laugh, brighten your day, inspire you to do it again.

For the record, while #thelove was out at work today, I decided to troll him by adding googly eyes to random inanimate objects around our house. It was freaking hilarious. Game on.

Life, ALLFelicity Cook