Living Creatively

What does it mean to live creatively?

Quite simply, it means approaching every day with the openness, willingness, and passion to make everything just that little bit better.

What does it mean for me and my business? Well, I'll tell you.

For quite a while, I was feeling very down, stressed, and thoroughly not enjoying my work. I had begun my business based on a passion- which, for the record, is the best reason to do it!- but that passion was being suffocated by the pressures of day-to-day business life. And in turn, it was suffocating me.

I am a creative person. Always have been. I spend my days finding new ways to create things, or being drawn to new and exciting ideas and more often than not, itching to get my hands on them. I have an array of creative hobbies, and am more than happy to spend hours holed up in my studio working out how to make something I've never done before.

So why, when my passion had been burning so brightly for so long, was I finding myself dreading creating again? And I realised, as I sat on the floor making a paper flower come to life, that it was because I was no longer finding new ways to make something happen. I had become sucked into the mouse wheel, in a repetition I couldn't get out of.

And so it was time to grab that passion again, and make it my focus. Because, when my passion is my focus, beauty happens.

So a new goal has been set- and business is in for a change. As I focus more on what I really do best (creating), I will be sharing more with you. More products, more tutorials, more ways for you to incorporate imagination and creativity in your own life.

And that is what this is all about. Living creatively, finding imaginative and creative new ways to evolve our everyday lives, and sharing everything I do with YOU.

Because living creatively is a beautiful thing.

Life, ALLFelicity Cook