GUEST POST: Why your business needs you to start backing yourself!

GUEST POST: Why your business needs you to start backing yourself!

I want to start by asking you this question. How do you really feel about your business?

Because I’m pretty certain that your business means the world to you. I bet that it fills you with significance and purpose and possibility; and don’t get me started on all the relationships and connections you now have as a result of it. So, it’s pretty darn special, right?

Ok so here’s another one for you - what would it mean to you if your biz was delivering you real results and you could contribute to the family income, all whilst staying at home with the kids? It would be AMAZING, wouldn’t it? I imagine that it would be like a dream come true…

So, now let me ask you this, how much recognition, time and appreciation does your business get from those around you? How much support are you offered? What sort of investment are you putting behind making this happen for you and your family?

DIY Project: embossed wrapping paper boxes

DIY Project: embossed wrapping paper boxes

Okay, so first of all, I'll admit it- I love my embossing projects. It's probably a good thing I don't have kids yet, because chances are every single thing they own would be completely personalised now, because I have an itch to emboss everything. But I guess the other good thing is that, because I've got this need to emboss things, I can share the project with you, and you can do it too!

I had a couple of gorgeous white boxes sitting around. I've known for ages that I had to do SOMETHING with them, and then, when I was cleaning out some drawers for our house move, I came across some wicked watermelon gift wrapping paper, and a light bulb went off in my brain. Here was a whole other way of using both my embossing tools, plus leftover wrapping paper. And you can do it with any paper you want!

Down days are okay

Down days are okay

I really want you to know something. Down days are actually okay.

There's nothing wrong with being human. There's nothing wrong if today, you just don't feel like yourself. Life can sometimes weigh a little more on some days than it does on others. And that is okay.

I've been a little quiet recently, both on the blog front, and the social media front. Part of that has been because I'm working behind the scenes to launch the Living Creatively Members' Club, but part of it has also been because I've been human. And oddly enough, both of those things go hand in hand.

Fruity Fun - DIY paper strawberry

I love a good berry. And strawberries are the bees knees when it comes to being a good berry. So why not make a forever fruit? Perfect as little treat boxes, or as decoration around the home (or, strip back all the bits that make it a strawberry and just use it as a diamond- but I think strawberries are much more fun!). 

Download the template from the DOWNLOADS page, and watch the tutorial here, or over on my YouTube channel! Enjoy!

Engagement shoots- yay or nay?

Engagement shoots- yay or nay?

When husband and I got engaged, and began the search for our wedding photographer, I knew I was looking for someone who would also offer the opportunity for an engagement shoot. For me, it was not only an opportunity to celebrate our engagement, but I (finally) got some truly good shots of the two of us (selfies don’t cut it sometimes).

But I realised that it wasn’t something that everybody does when they get engaged, and that many people probably question as to whether or not they need to do it, so here is a little pro and con list to help you decide if an engagement shoot is something you should add to your marriage journey.

Perfecting your cake designs - DOWNLOAD

This one goes out to my fellow cakies!

Let's face it, not all of us are the best artists when it comes to drawing. We may be able to make magic happen with our hands with everything else cake-related, but sometimes getting those ideas out of our heads and onto paper can be a bit of a struggle. 

And especially if you're trying to portray a design idea to a client, it's important to get that look right, so they know what you're talking about, and say yes! 

Now, not all of us are graphic design whizzes either- the thought of having to purchase or download some elaborate design program and then learn it, just to get out some design ideas (not to mention working out how to get that intricate pattern via a computer program toolbox, yikes). So I decided I'd create something a little easier for you (and easier for me too, come to think of it).

I've been meaning to do it for ages and ages, and finally got around to it- I've sketched up some blank cake configurations for you to use. They're quite simple, and they can be drawn on, or traced, added to, or altered as needed. But the base work is there for you- so you can whip out your pencils and markers and have a bit of fun. 

There are four basic configurations for you- one tier, two tiers, three tiers, and four tiers. There's a 2-dimensional and a 3-dimensional aspect for each of them, and they're set on a cake stand for you as well (or you can simply omit the stand leg if you don't need it!).

You can download the templates via the DOWNLOADS page, and enjoy being creative on them! I hope they make your cake designs a whole lot more fun.

10 tips for ensuring a smooth wedding

10 tips for ensuring a smooth wedding

Congratulations, you’re getting married! It is one of the most exciting and overwhelming times in your life, and for the majority of people, it’s usually the first time you’ve ever experienced something of this magnitude. Now, I can assure you that you will create the day of your dreams, but there will be a lot of information, advice, questions, and potentially even a few mishaps along the way. From working with hundreds of brides, and having been one myself, here are my top 10 tips for ensuring your big day runs as smoothly as it can.

5-minute tutorial: Swiss meringue buttercream

I know, I can hear what you're thinking- Felicity swears time and time again she doesn't work with buttercream! And when it comes to decorated cakes, this is true! I am a fondant-only girl. 

But when it comes to naked cakes, or cupcakes, I always need to have a fail-proof buttercream recipe ready to go, because when there's nothing else on that cake, the frosting makes or breaks!

I have been using Swiss meringue buttercream for a few years now, and it is always my go-to for naked cakes. It is silky, smooth, holds well, and isn't TOO sweet. And I'm sharing it with you!

Busting 5 common cake decorating myths

Cake decorating is all the rage right now- every day, more people are discovering the joys of decorating birthday cakes, wedding cakes, baby cakes and any other cake you can imagine. There is a wealth of knowledge out there to help you learn how to create sugary masterpieces, but there’s also a lot of misinformation, so it’s important to know what’s what, so that your experience with cake decorating (and the results!) are the best they can be. Whether it’s an at-home hobby, you’re planning to build a business out of it, or you’re in the market for ordering a decorated cake, here are 5 common myths about cake decorating explained.