lover of life, bad jokes, and bunny slippers

my passion is living life with creativity, and making every day a little more exciting-
in whatever way I can!


this is my life, my art, my story


Over the years, I've dabbled in an array of creative ventures- from stationery and calligraphy, to pottery, paper products, and my most recognised, cake decorating.

I studied interior design, before searching for a way to bring my passion to life.
Sugar Bee Cakes began in 2013 and quickly became the reason behind my creative success, winning me awards and naming me a finalist in the 2015 Telstra Young Business Women's Award for NSW.

From March 2017, I rebranded under my own name, and am expanding my repertoire into everything that I love to do, including teaching my skills and sharing my experience. I offer my knowledge and understanding not only of creative arts, but of the events industry, social media, and being a woman in business.

I am a passionate advocate against domestic violence and animal abuse.

I live in Sydney, Australia with my wonderful husband #thelove and our rescue bunny Teddy, and dream of one day having a pet pig/goat/dog/hippo (whichever I can convince hubby to say yes to!)

Welcome to my world of creative living. Enjoy.



  • First Prize - Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015, Wedding Cake
    (Open Division)
  • Second Prize - Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015, Modern Calligraphy
  • NSW State Finalist - Telstra Young Business Women's Award 2015
  • Third Prize - Sydney Royal Easter Show 2016, Wedding Cake (Masters Division)


  • Born: February 17
  • Lives: Sydney, Australia
  • Loves: M*A*S*H, bubble baths, red wine, old
    school music, British comedies
  • Quirks: ambidextrous, OCD with numbers
  • Pet Peeve: drivers who don't indicate
  • Dream Destination: New York
  • Favourite Quote: history favours the bold.



I am a strong and passionate advocate of preventing domestic violence. Part of that campaign has involved the creation of a social media movement designed to liberate and celebrate those who have discovered life on the other side of domestic violence.

The 'ONWARDS & UPWARDS' movement has a goal- to help those who have experienced, or are still experiencing, domestic violence to stand tall and be proud of who they are and what they have accomplished, and to know they CAN heal.

To find out more, or to be involved, check out the Onwards & Upwards site: